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A Century of Commitment to our Community

United Way of Greater Rochester’s mission is to unite the good will and resources of the Greater Rochester community so that everyone can thrive. We address critical challenges by connecting local people in need with evidence-based programs, strategic funding investments, community initiatives, volunteer support and community leadership to direct resources and solve problems.

Rochester is one of the the most generous and caring communities in America. We work together to create real, meaningful impact for the most vulnerable members of our community. United Way is leading this charge with the support of donors, our business community, local leaders, program service providers, volunteers and community members.  

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Good Stewardship

When you give to United Way's Community Fund, your gift goes directly to programs that help thousands of local people each year. We are extremely proud that 92 cents of every contributed dollar is used to meet critical community needs.

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Your gift helps:
124,000 people get food and shelter.