Before & After Contest

We're once again having the Before & After Contest! Please read below to learn how to join us in the fun. 


Not-for-profits and work crews will take a picture of their site the morning of Day of Caring (Thursday, May 11) and another at the end of the day. They will post the two pictures on Facebook and tag United Way of Greater Rochester by 4:00pm on May 14. As the submissions come in, they will be given a number and two winners will be chosen at random on Monday, May 15. Winners will be annouced on Facebook and through email.


1st place - $300 for the participating not-for-profit
2nd place - $200 for the participating not-for-profit


  • Both photos must both be taken on Day of Caring.
  • Must be registered as a Day of Caring non-for-profit and work crew.
  • Must tag @United Way of Greater Rochester.
  • There must be both a before and after photo.

For a full version of the Day of Caring Before and After Contest rules, please click here.