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Latino Leadership Development Program (LLDP)

The mission of the Latino Leadership Development Program is to identify, train and promote the placement of Latinos in policy-making positions of community organizations in order to ensure these organizations are tapping the full potential of the Latino community.

United Way's Latino Leadership Development Program is a program that—for more than 30 years—has been giving Rochester Latinos the opportunity to enhance their professional and personal skills as business and community leaders.


  • Program dates and application available soon - check back for updates!
  • Six full-day training sessions
  • Encourages community awareness, leadership and networking in the local Latino community
  • Curriculum topics include communication, leadership, decision-making, conflict resolution and board membership responsibilities


A special thanks to our sponsor:

Elders receiving services from Community Fund programs benefit from 13,000 calls per year to help elders and caregivers with information, benefits and support in accessing local services.  

Need More Information?

Contact United Way's LLDP Program Coordinator at 585.242.6575.

You can also download one of our informational PDFs: