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Emerging Leaders Society

The Emerging Leaders Society (EL) is made up of hundreds of Rochester's most inspiring, proactive emerging leaders who are dedicated to making a positive local impact with their investments. EL is a group of individuals who connect with other local leaders and make an extraordinatry commitment to serve our community.

Invest in results

United Way’s Emerging Leaders Society (EL) members are leading the way for a brighter future for Rochester. As an Emerging Leader, your investment of $500 or more each year will help local people in need while demonstrating your commitment to our community.

Make lasting connections

When you connect with United Way through your Emerging Leaders Society donation, you’ll be connected with other EL members and thousands of established community leaders from all of United Way’s giving societies at member networking events. You’ll also gain access to leadership and career development opportunities.  

Serve our community

Emerging Leaders Society members are offered opportunities throughout the year to volunteer and participate in community building activities with other local leaders.

Join United Way's Emerging Leaders Society Today!

Give $500 or more per year at your workplace (that's just $10 each week) or click here to give now. Find out how you can Fast Track your gift here.


Calling all Emerging Leaders Society (EL) members and young leaders - Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning is helping you heat it up for Rochester. Any new or increased EL gifts to the Community Fund will be matched by Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning, up to $15,000.


Community Fund programs are helping 500 homeless kids get a meal and a safe place to sleep.

"As an emerging leader, I feel it is my responsbility to support the United Way Community Fund because I have seen first-hand what the United Way programs do for people in our community. United Way's success is defined by the reasearch and evaluation that is being done to ensure that these programs are successful. I am confident that my money is making the biggest impact."
- Chris Phelps, Wegmans