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Want to get involved in the fight against poverty?

We've heard many people say they want to get involved to help fight poverty in the Greater Rochester community. Below are partner agencies with volunteer opportunities throughout our community that are helping address the many challenges that affect those living in poverty.

Center for Youth

Website: http://centerforyouth.net/index.php?cID=77

Contact: Kathy Cummins

Phone: (585) 473-2464

Email: kcummins@centerforyouth.net

Charles Settlement House

Website: http://www.charlessettlementhouse.org/

Contact: Mayra Lopez

Phone: (585) 277-0810

Email: Volunteers@cshroc.org


Website: www.epiny.org

Contact: Shaunta Collier-Santos

Phone: (585) 442-6420 x 2227



Website: foodlinkny.org/fight_hunger/get-involved/#tab-1

Contact: Tiffany Terry

Phone: (585) 328-3380 x 160

Email: volunteers@foodlinkny.org

Hillside Children's Foundation

Website: hillside.com/ways-to-help/get-involved-main-page/

Contact: Brandie Cain

Email: bcain@hillside.com

Phone: (585) 256-7511

The Community Place of Greater Rochester

Website: communityplace.org/get-involved/volunteer/

Contact: Valarie Upson

Phone: (585) 327-7200

Email: vupson@communityplace.org

United Way's Day of Caring (May 12, 2016)

Website: uwrochester.org/dayofcaring

Contact: Kristen Palmer

Phone: (585) 242-6492

Email: dayofcaring@uwrochester.org

Willow Domestic Violence Center

Website: willowcenterny.org/help-out/volunteer/

Contact: Larissa Bolalek

Phone: (585) 232-5200 x230

Email: Volunteer@WillowCenterNY.org


If your organziation has volunteer opportunities that help address poverty, email contactus@uwrochester.org and include your organization's name, volunteer contact (name, phone number & email) and volunteer website.

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